The Shocking Ways Elections Can Be Rigged

Republican or Democrat? Liberal or Conservative? These days politics are an absolute fustercluck.
After every election, we constantly hear “this was rigged!”. But how true is that accusation? The UK, The USA, everyone is being accused of their elections being rigged. Who do you believe? Who do you vote for? Well here’s Alltime10s to the rescue, to tell YOU all about the shocking ways elections are rigged and what to look out for.

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10) Packing (00:07)
9) Poll Tax (01:12)
8) Student Suppression (02:15)
7) Save The Date (03:15)
6) Cracking (04:17)
5) Felony Exclusion (05:15)
4) Data Harvesting (06:15)
3) ???
2) ???
1) ???

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