10 Unexplained Plane Disappearances

Who’d have thought that giant metal cages banding about the sky would be dangerous, right? We love a good mystery, and this list has some of our favourites. From aliens to the Bermuda triangle and Amelia Earhart to Glenn Miller, these planes just seem to go missing. These are our favourite 10 Unexplained Plane Disappearances.

Airplanes are one of human kinds biggest achievements. Nowadays we have the luxury of being able to sit in a big metal cage that in some cases are nicer than peoples houses, sipping on champagne, and hurtling through the air at unimaginable speeds to reach places on the globe that our ancestors couldn’t have even dreamed of. But what about when our transport betrays us? Planes are genuinely terrifying. Of course, there’s always the risk that they can crash, but they can also just disappear into thin air. Where do they go? What happens to the planes, the pilots and their passengers? Well, we’re here to tell you in 10 Unexplained Plane Disappearances…

10) Glenn Miller Over The English Channel (00:00)
9) Unmarked Boeing 727 (01:07)
8) Flight 19, Bermuda Triangle (02:13)
7) TWA Flight 800 (03:13)
6) Egypt Air Flight 990 (04:13)
5) STENDEC (05:26)
4) Flying Tiger Flight 739 (06:23)
3) ???
2) ???
1) ???

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