Top 10 Places Scarier Than Area 51 – Part 3

Top 10 Places Scarier Than Area 51 – Part 3
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Hello and welcome back to the Most Amazing Top 10 Channel on the internet — just when you thought everyone had forgotten about Area 51 and it had return to the conceptual dessert from wenst it came…. You guys wanted a part 3 of this video…so…I mean honestly I really don’t have to mention Area 51 at all after saying the title…so…that’s good…. This is the Top 10 Places Scarier Than Area 51 Part 3. I kind of feel like this series is the Youtube version of the Dark Tourist Tv show… shout out David Farrier… if you make a part 3 can I please be your cohost….. also… I mean guys I still haven’t given up the dream of being the doctors assistant one day

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