Top 10 Cursed Objects In History

Top 10 Cursed Objects In History
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Hey everyone welcome back to most amazing top 10 Im your host Che Durena. Who doesnt love a good old fashioned curse. Like one where all your hair and teeth fall out, or where all the people you love die, I think my favourite is king midas. Curse to have everything he touches turn to gold, he could never gold his kids or touch his waaa. And I bet you would be surprised by how many cursed items there are out there, thats why I put together todays list of top 10 cursed objects in history. You have to make someone really mad to have them throw a curse on you. As usual make sure you like comment subscribe and hit the little notification bell. Also make sure you follow most amazing top 10 on instagram and facebook, its a great way to get to know myself and the other host a little bit better. And stick around for the whole list because we have some curse that could literally effect anyone. And without taking any longer lets get into this list.

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