12 Things in the USA That Puzzle Foreigners

12 Things in the USA That Puzzle Foreigners
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Charlie from Top 10s counts down the 12 Things in the USA That Puzzle Foreigners! Around the world every country has different customs and traditions! Well, here are some of the habits of Americans that people from Asia, Europe and Africa or South America would not understand! From the coins used in US dollars to the massive food portions in the USA! Find out in this cool animated infographics cartoon! We also look at the taxes in the US as well as some more tips for travelling in the United States! #Facts #Animation #USA #America

00:44 Prices
01:26 Public restrooms
02:25 Drinking
03:17 Advertising
04:16 Pharmacies
04:58 Greetings
05:37 Tipping
06:24 Sir
07:00 Food portions
07:40 Coins
08:18 Waiters

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