This Is What Your Dog Thinks When You Talk to Them

This Is What Your Dog Thinks When You Talk to Them
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Charlie from Top 10s counts down the This Is What Your Dog Thinks When You Talk to Them! Do you ever wonder if your pet dog can understand you? Well, recently scientists have done some new experiments and it shows that humans and dogs can communicate really well! Not only can dogs understand speech they also get body language, emotions and more! Find out all the info you’ve ever wanted to know about dogs and animals in this animated infographics video! These animations will help you learn how to talk with your dog verbally and non-verbally! #Dogs #Pets #Animation

00:44 Dog Experiments
01:11 New experiments with dogs
03:08 Do dogs understand speech in English or other languages?
04:01 Do dogs understand body language?
05:27 Do dogs understand human emotions?
06:00 Why do dogs understand us?
06:35 How can you communicate with your dog better?

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