Top 10 Times Yugi Cheated In Yu-Gi-Oh!

Sometimes the King of Games said screw the rules. Yugi Mutou and Atem have dueled against the likes of Seto Kaiba, Marik Ishtar, Joey Wheeler, Maximillian Pegasus, and Jaden Yuki in the anime series – but he wasn’t always honest about the heart of the cards. Join Ashley as he looks at the worst things Yugi has ever done, from misplays to cheating against his own best friend! Draw!

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#10. Bakura Helps Yugi Defeat Yami Bakura
#9. Mammoth Graveyard Fusion
#8. Lightforce Sword
#7. Infinity + One
#6. Destroying the Castle of Dark Illusions
#5. Winning Slifer
#4. Attacking the Moon
#3. Kaiba Saves Yugi
#2. Two Against One
#1. Grooming Joey for Defeat

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